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Back Story


I grew up in western MA. My dad was a banjo player & early memories I have are listening to him rehearse with his Dixieland band. It may have been the only time I was on my best behavior! When I was 10 or 11, my folks got my older brother an acoustic guitar. He didn't like it because he wanted to be Eddie Van Halen so I would play it when he wasn't around. When I was 13 my folks got me my very own guitar! I was terrible but I wanted to write songs SO bad that I kept at it. I wrote our class song & my high school band performed it live at graduation. Soon after, I left my little town & headed to CA! Now I live in a little town in the woods just north of San Francisco playing & touring as often as possible!

Art & Music


My whole life has been dedicated to music & art. I've made logos, posters, t-shirts, album covers & all kinds of art for all kinds of people!

Inspired By Everything


I try to make my music representative of myself and my surrounding. I've learned that helping people smile, dance and sing is my happy place. It's where I am living!

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